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Sober Travel Companion

Whether you are traveling for business abroad, going to a client for a difficult negotiation, going to a business lunch or a cocktail party to celebrate a contract or simply one of those famous happy hours with your teams, you find yourself in a situation where the temptations are great.


I have been a company manager for more than 20 years and traveled from country to country, from hotel to bar with those long waits at the airports day and night.


I know your worries and your stress. You may need a ride to a meeting or to your psychologist and the bars and bad friends on your way are temptations to return to your old life.

I've been there.

I've also had the experience of being without anxiety medication in a big city that parties 24 hours a day.

I've been through it all and I can accompany you anywhere in the world to help you through these difficult times.

French citizen and Canadian citizen, my passports are up to date to support you at all times.

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