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It's not the destination, but the ride.

As a business owner for more than 25 years, I have created different companies in different fields. From the construction of custom marble fireplaces for the retail industry to electronic document management in the cloud for banks, insurance companies, and telephone operators in Europe and North America. From France to Lebanon to Mauritius, through Canada to Malta where I currently reside, I went from drink to drink, from bars to restaurants and nightclubs.

In the beginning, I drank at family events, in the evening, before dating, then during dating and during the happy hours of work so popular in North America and I found myself drinking alone at home to stifle the pain, to obtain a daily blackout, and finally fall asleep.
Fifteen years ago I quit drinking, smoking, and taking drugs for a year and I fell off the wagon. 

At that time I didn't know that I was sick and that alcoholism is an untreatable disease.

I arrived in Malta in 2019 to buy a sailing day charter company just before the COVID and after a half-season I lost everything for lack of clients, believing that on a boat my suffering would be less. It was not the case. I was a functional alcoholic. I did my days and drank at night after tidying up and cleaning the boat. As soon as I left the dock, my joy was gone and I was looking for the blackout.

When I sold the boat, I found myself alone, drinking, smoking, and taking pills alone, and thinking about it.

One morning I made a decision. The decision that changes everything.

I made the most important call of my life. I wanted to find my joy and

freedom back. I called a 12-step peer support group.
After becoming clean and sober getting involved in the community and hosting over 300 AA (alcoholic anonymous) and ACA (adult child of the alcoholic or dysfunctional family) meetings, reading and watching TedTalk, Gabor Maté's lectures, I decided to help people who are determined to get their lives back by any means necessary.

I went back to school at 56 years old and became an addiction recovery coach.

The experience of working, living in foreign countries, the social pressure, and the loneliness even among friends, gave me a solid experience of all the traps that life holds for addicts. Whatever the addiction is.
Thanks to this experience and solid training, I can help you to find your solutions to become your rescuer, to restore your emotional balance between professional and personal life. 
You know yourself better than anyone else.
I am your thinking partner, your business travel partner, your life travel partner, or your boat travel partner to reach your goals.

As a French citizen and Canadian citizen, I work in French and English and I can travel and work throughout North America and Europe.

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