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Addiction at Work

Addictions at work are a real problem.


They are the cause of many accidents and delays.

They can ruin the atmosphere at work in teams because of the change in behavior related to addictions.

In other cases, addictions can lead to a lack of concentration or capacity during important contract negotiations.


It can also be a major problem for people who travel often and face the solitude of hotels, away from family, or the great generosity of clients to take advantage of.


Addictions do not only concern drugs or alcohol but also gambling, sex, and other addictions which can also become a means of pressure on employees.


Finally, it can also lead to the loss of jobs because, despite the goodwill of everyone around the person concerned, there comes a time when it is no longer manageable or acceptable.


It is not necessary to wait for the person to hit rock bottom before helping them.


Often addicts do not know that they can discreetly get help.


I was a business owner and manager for over 25 years and a functional alcoholic for most of that time.


I have traveled to many countries for work and I know the loneliness of hotels, the generous customers on nights out, the cocktail parties, and all the pitfalls that an addict can encounter on his way.


I've been there and I've come out of it. Maybe some of your employees are wondering if they are in the grey zone or if they have an areal addiction problem.


Prevention remains one of the best approaches.


Do not hesitate to contact me to share my experience in your company.


I can also offer you confidential telephone consultations for your employees.


I am also a sober traveler and I can accompany your managers who might have difficulties on business trips.


How much do addictions cost your company or your administration?


Think about it.

Call me and we can talk about it with all confidentiality

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