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A joyful sober Life is within reach

Online and in person coaching

with Reb JL Brochet

"I can't change the direction of the wind,

but I can adjust my sails

to always reach my destination."

- Jimmy Dean


What I Specialize In

Alcohol disorders

Alcohol made my life miserable and unmanageable. I was a functional alcoholic, whose only goal at the end of the day was to go from bar to bar...

Drugs & Pills Disorders

After my relapse 15 years ago, I locked myself up in high doses of anxiolytics to stifle my suffering and my fear of abandonment.

Sober escort/traveler companion

Whether you are traveling for business abroad, going to a client for a difficult negotiation, going to a business ...

Sober companion

When one of our loved ones gets out of rehab or is still in addiction we can't always deal with it...


Sober sailing  companion

I am from Brittany and I have always sailed. I know well the life of the ports of call, the ports and the conviviality between sailors...

Gaming and Internet disorders

Gambing and internet disorder can quickly become an addiction that makes life unmanageable. It can destroy families and lives and even lead to suicide. 

Gambling disorders

Gambling can quickly become an addiction that makes life unmanageable. It can destroy families and lives and even lead to suicide. It can also lead to taking the lives of others.

Addiction at Work

They are the cause of many accidents and delays. They can ruin the atmosphere at work in teams because of the change in behavior related to addictions.

Meet Reb

Certified addiction recovery coach

I am not a psychiatrist,

I am not a psychologist

I am not a counselor.

So what am I for?

I am an addiction recovery coach,

using my own experience and the best practices and training in this particular profession, I will partner with you to find your own solutions and become your rescuer to face all the pitfalls that life puts in our way and help and devolop emotional balance.

Grab a phone instead off a glass.


Addiction recovery coach

Roots And Wings Recovery

Roots And Wings Recovery

Watch Now

Let’s get sober and be joyful
that I am here for you.

Coucher de soleil

The journey towards sobriety begins on the path of self love. Begin your journey today.


First free chemistry session.

A chemistry session is conducted to decide if we are a good fit
and to assess if we can work together on your development goals.

Let's talk about you and your goals for one hour.


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